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PostSubject: HOWTO SET YOUR AVATAR/PROFILE IMAGE   Thu Jan 13, 2011 10:07 am

Hey guys,

In this tutorial I will guide you through on how to change or set an avatar image (or your profile image if in case you don't know what avatar is...)

=> Login in into iNFiNiTUDE
=> Once you have logged in you will see an extra menu (Which is a Grey bar below the iNFiNiTUDE logo) as Profile (Which can be found after the UserGroups option in menu). Hit/click on it, Now it should take you to your profile page.
=> Which will have the following options as follows:
Friends and foes
Topics being watched

Choose (in the scene click on it) Avatar.
=> where you can find 4 options,
-Upload an Avatar from your computer
-Upload an Avatar from an URL
-Link to an off-site Avatar
-Select your Avatar from our Gallery

FIRST WAY : (Upload an Avatar from your computer)

If you have an image in you local machine (That's PC/Computer) you can hit on the browse button to navagate through your local files in the machine, So go to the location where you have saved your image and click on it and hit open.

Now click the save button to upload the image and save your profile settings.

That's it you have done it!! easy right!!

SECOND WAY : (Upload an Avatar from an URL)

If you have the image uploaded in any image hosting website or any other site, all you have to do is copy the image location (That's image url location, by right clicking the image and choose copy image location) then paste it in the text area.

Now click the save button to upload the image and save your profile settings.

Now the image will be copied from that website to our iNFiNiTUDE website automatically and saved as your profile image.

THIRD WAY : (Link to an off-site Avatar)

This method will also work the same way as the second one but the only difference is that the image will not be copied to iNFiNiTUDE website but still will be saved as your profile image/Avatar.

FINAL WAY: (Select your Avatar from our Gallery)

If in case you don't have time to search for a nice image online or you don't have any image in you computer or PC, you can still set your Avatar image in iNFiNiTUDE from our predefined gallery (which contains some images, which will be updated soon with kool avatar images). Click on the Show gallery button and you will be in side our image gallery where there are lot of avatar from which you can choose one and hit save.

OK Guess this guide helped you in how to set your profile image or AVATAR image.... stay tuned for more GUIDES to improve your forum experience..

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