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PostSubject: WARNING SYSTEM FEATURE!!!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:15 pm


Hi Guys,

You probably be wondering and have noticed an "GREEN BAR" stating Warning Level... Yes, now iNFiNiTUDE has the feature of warning system.

So what is a Warning System?

It is a small bar which indicates your warning level to the max you can take only 4 Warnings, once you reach the 4th warning you will be banned from the board. The warning Bar will be seen in the mini profile which appears on all the post and reply you do.

Ok so how is warning issued?

Warnings are issued by the ADMIN and Moderators, if you seem to violate the board rules you will get an official warning (to ensure the standard of the board) for ex.. if you spam the site it will lead you get a warning or if you mis treat or tease or harass other members you will be issued an warning etc....

And you will receive a Private Message from the Moderator who issued you the warning with the details why you received the warning, If you don't receive any PM from the moderator and still got a warning you can inform the issue to the other MOD or ADMIN of the forum through PM.

This system has been enabled in the forum for maintaining the forum (And to give work to MODERATORS) so please do co operate with us Smile

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