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 CPU speed professional.. Kwl freeware..

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PostSubject: CPU speed professional.. Kwl freeware..   Fri Aug 14, 2009 4:46 am

This one is quite cool and I just wanted to share with you..

This little program will measure the actual speed of your Intel or AMD processor.CPU Speed Professional is a standalone application that measures the REAL speed of your Intel or AMD central processor unit (CPU). It features a stunning interface with elegant animations and screen transitions. Click the 'Test My Speed' button and watch as CPU Speed ramps up your computer's processor to full throttle.

The MHz needle swings around a handsome 'speedo' style dial to display your cpu speed. Click the 'Show CPU Details' button to see more detailed information about your system, including cpu manufacturer, published speed, memory configuration and more. After you have tested your CPU speed, you can choose to submit the result to the CPU speed online ranking site so that you can compare your speed with other ones from around the world.


1.Unpack with any archiver
2.double click on "CPU Speed Pro.exe" to open it(This is portable dude!! Virus free!!)
3. Enjoy!

Quote :
rapidshare.com Cpu_Speed_Pro_3.0.3.1_Portable.rar
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PostSubject: Re: CPU speed professional.. Kwl freeware..   Fri Aug 14, 2009 7:08 am

Hi Mathes,

Hmmm quite a good tool for those who want to check there system performance Wink

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CPU speed professional.. Kwl freeware..
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